Sabtu, 13 Desember 2014

Cleopatra Hiara Copas look Syahrini

Found in one of the television station shows Cleopatra Hiara very similar to the syahrini, for those who do not know for sure say twin syahrini, directly syahrini say is very similar sized dressed with my appearance because basically a person's appearance has its own fasion but if the problem makeup can be just as whoever depends on the pretty cosmetic scratches his face.

Hiara was also respond to "I practically similar to syahrini probably because my makeup style that likes to use eyelashes and blink-bink together with syahrini, only to the extent that the public may not be my judge syahrini appearance that mimics the style of my prestige rose and famous, all that is not true because I have no intention at all like that ", said Hiara Cleopatra".

Many friends - friends or not artists often replace the name with the title "Syahiara" a play on the name syahrini. Not accept the thought imitating syahrini, Hiara cleopatra try suicidal because he had not yet received by the insult, but now Hiara not care what happens.

Now Hiara Cleopatra with a career focus meyayinya currently has several albums and sigle.dan busy with a guest artist in various private television program.


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