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Sweet pineapple savory fish

Pineapple fish with a thick sweet savory very easy to make, with a blend of pineapple broth has an extremely distinctive flavor to the tongue of Asia. Taste of fish pineapple sweet and savory flavor makes this a very special menu if at present in the midst of the family, consider the following savory sweet pineapple fish recipe below;

1. 100 g fillet
2. 1 coarsely chopped pineapple fruit
3. 50 grams of onion and garlic and finely chopped
4. 1 leaves lemongrass
5. 2 segment ginger and turmeric
6. 2 lime leaves
7. 50 grams of coconut water
8. 1 tsp salt
9. Vegetable oil

How to make it
. Heat the oil and saute the onion and garlic that has been finely chopped
. If the color has been changed to add lime leaves and lemongrass and stir until blended
. Enter the chopped pineapple and fillet fish wash suah in order to stir the spices to infuse
. Pour the coconut milk and add a little water to the boil
. Add salt and flavorings.
. If the fillet and pineapple was already discolored and chewy, ripe meaning.

Serve this menu for 2 servings with family at home. Good luck making fish recipe savory sweet pineapple.


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