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Mosquito bite wounds disturbing appearance

Mosquito bites are very disturbing appearance with red spots due to mosquito bite wound is seen not so dangerous but which impact directly felt that disturbing appearance, sucking mosquitoes is very dangerous because it will distribute firus that called dengue disease that attacks the body thickness for the sufferer .

To be able to anticipate that a mosquito bite can not do some of the following ways
1. Using lations that has fragrance like Lemon, Lavender and many more because they are very fragrant not like mosquitoes.
2. If you've been bitten and leave spots, to eliminate mosquito bites bekasa so as not to interfere with the appearance can by providing vitamin E oil at night so that the scars quickly disappear.
3. Aloe Vera, whether by rubbing aloe mucus with 8 hours of silence former mosquitoes began to disappear.

In addition to the above, the first step so that your house is not made of mosquito breeding is always keeping kebesihan do not let mosquitoes breed in the home environment, the most preferred mosquito nest in damp areas, there is water such as spittoons and do deplete school within 1 week to eliminate mosquito larva.

Maintain cleanliness greatly impact on health if the environment clean then reverse our health will be maintained from germs and other hazards.

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